PowderSorb is a unique, engineered sorbent product that differs from all existing products in the marketplace. PowderSorb is a white particulate, weighing just 40 pounds per cubic yard, that absorbs liquids lighter than water by capillary action.
PowderSorb was developed in Finland in response to the needs for better environmental protection.
Powdersorb is non-toxic (safe for the environment), non-hazardous, biodegradable (lessens landfill space), light-weight and non-flammable.
PowderSorb rapidly absorbs liquids lighter than water by capillary action, depending upon minute pressure differences at either end of the micro-sized tubes, and the phenomena of surface tension.
Once absorbed, the liquid, and even some of the associated gases, are neutralized, because they are in effect 'locked' into the granulates.
Once the oil is absorbed into PowderSorb it will not be released, except under strong external pressure, thus the oil will not cling to animals, plants or minerals.

Depending upon the weight of the oil PowderSorb granules will absorb 30 to 50 times its weight in liquids. Each cubic yard of PowderSorb can absorb approximately 9/10 cubic yard of liquid hydrocarbons.
Removal is safe and fast, either by mechanical systems (skimming or vacuum) or physical means (nets, scoops, shovels, etc), depending upon the surrounding ecosystem.
Absorption , or neutralization of the oil is not the only positive feature of PowderSorb. It is non-toxic, which means that in the event of ingestion it is non-poisonous to wildlife.
It is biodegradable. This means that if for some reason it can't be recovered, it is not harmful to the environment. Animals, birds, and even fish can swim or walk through the material without being coated by the oil.
When applied PowderSorb takes away the greatest negatives of the out-of-place petroleum by neutralizing, protecting and restoring the tainted ecosystem back to its original state.
Applications of PowderSorb are nearly infinite. It can be used as booms (either pre-made or made onsite), pillows, or free granulate. They can be applied by hand, from air (helicopter) or vessels. Granulates can be blown over a spill (land/water) by grinder/blower system, or applied in a combination water/microorganism slurry. The combination of additional microorganisms can speed up the biodegradation process.
Disposal is simplified and has less impact than non-biodegradable products.

PowderSorb has been approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for deployment on the navigable waters of the United States.