Animal Cleaning

PowderSorb has proven to be an extremely effective animal cleaner.  This method reduces the risk of stress on the animals which generally can cause mortality. It has been utilized by professional veterinarians in Alaska, Finland, Australia and Washington state to remove oil from birds and seals. In Australia rare black swans were trapped in an oil spill.

Veterinarians who have provided some feedback and praise on the use of PowderSorb as an animal cleaning product include:

Dr. James Scott-Founder Alaska Bird Treatment Learning Center-Anchorage Alaska.

Dr. Joyce Murphy-Veterinarian formerly with Alpine Veterinary Clinic-Anchorage, Alaska.

Dr. Murphy cleaned a severely oiled harbor seal caught in crude oil from the 1989 Exxon Valdez accident and reported an outstanding success.

Below is a short outline of a workshop on Oiled Seabird Cleaning held in Townsville, Australia in 1991. You can download the entire proceedings (PDF) by clicking here.

PowderSorb (previously named Sansorb) is addressed as a must have product for the successful treatment and rehabilitation of oiled birds.

Workshop on Oiled Seabird Cleaning and Rehabilitation

Proceedings of a workshop held in Townsville, Australia, 26 February 1991

What aspects were poorly managed and how could these have been improved upon?

1. Finding a suitable method for cleaning up distillate effectively. While containment

booms were quickly set into place there was still leakage from these and this situation was

not monitored carefully enough. Absorbent and dispersing material was not made sufficiently

available to decrease the likelihood that more and more birds would not be affected. The

clean-up was generally slow. It would appear that a product known as SANSORB (now PowderSorb) is highly effective and relatively non-toxic.

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Minimise risks to human safety then initiate containment of the spill! More long-term benefit will be gained by minimizing the spread of the problem. Maximum person-power investment required. Use local knowledge of current patterns, seabird distributions, etc. to strategically target the problem. Monitor the situation carefully.

Resource requirements:

Oil containment booms, Sansorb (now PowderSorb) products (powder, booms and mats).

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P R I O R I T Y 4

Emergency treatment. Provide fluid therapy (e.g. Lectade orally, 50 mL per kg of bird).

Administer eye ointments if necessary, cortisone for shock, wipe off excess oil, prevent the bird preening itself by providing ponchos, rub feathers with Sansorb (now PowderSorb) or other oil absorbing powder.

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Note: Trade named Sansorb (now PowderSorb) was the only product named and recommended for efficient cleaning of oiled birds.