The most challenging aspect of Arctic Oil drilling is how to respond to and manage an oil spill in the world's most unforgiving environment. Extreme cold temperatures, high winds and fast moving ice-packs make response and retrieval an almost impossible task.

Where other methodologies have failed, AIRPS (Arctic Ice Response Protection System), can work.

They system is based upon two fundamental aspects. First is Product. Second is Delivery.

Product - Engineered Oil Absorbent PowderSorb is designed to work in extreme hot/cold temperatures. Its unique physical attributes make it ideal to be used in hard to reach places, such as below ice. It is hydrophobic, meaning it doesn't absorb water, only those liquids (such as oil) lighter than water, allowing it to bypass water and float to the surface where the oil is. Once in contact it internally absorbs the oil within its protective walls and immediately neutralizes the harmful effects of the oil on both the surrounding environment and any wildlife that may inadvertently come into contact with the oil.

Once the oil is locked up the absorbent protects the surrounding area either until the conditions are suitable for retrieval or over time will act with bacteria to slowly break-down the widely dispersed oil.

Sometimes in environments such as Arctic Ice retrieval isn't an option. Thus protection is paramount, and that is what PowderSorb does best.

Delivery -
While the Product PowderSorb is ideally suited to control and protect the environment from the oil, it requires a unique approach to reach and make contact with the oil either above or below the ice.

On average 90% of ice is below the water surface, meaning oil below the ice makes it difficult to get the absorbent to fully make contact with the trapped oil.

With the advent of advanced underwater remote controlled vehicles (ROVs) this problem is solved.

By employing a pump water/slurry system PowderSorb can now be directionally distributed far below the water/ice surface.
Where, once again, upon immediate contact, the oil is absorbed and neutralized.

The Impossible is now very Possible!

Below is a short video demonstrating this unique and effective system.