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EXCLUSIVE PowderSorb Manufacturer & Distributor for the

ASAT, Inc, a seven year old Louisiana based company specializing in environmental remediation products, is prepared to provide expertise in PowderSorb deployment and implementation on the Gulf Coast for crude oil on beaches, marshes, surface waters and dispersed crude in sub-surface waters (upper 100 ft of water column). ASAT, Inc. is prepared to respond to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill with local Gulf Coast manufacturing capabilities that can supply large volumes of PowderSorb to our coasts (up to 500,000 gallons of absorbent material per day). PowderSorb can be deployed as ABSORBENT BOOM and as GRANULATE. In GRANULATE form PowderSorb can be deployed from planes, helicopters, boats, and barges to ABSORB surface oil from the Gulf and completely remove it from contact with the environment within minutes of being placed in contact with the oil.